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Check out this new layout, won't you? The fabulous Mr. Jimmie got me all fancied up with his stellar technological skills. Alas, the pages inside are pretty much the same crappy design as before, because I did those. But look at this fancy new front page with its Greymatter-fueled web log and crisp design elements! Now I am cool, like the cool kids.

And, look -- now RubberNun is interactive! Take a moment to write me a note, oh please.

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Charlie @ 12/30/2001 02:04 PM CST

It's even better than I could have imagined! It's about time you started giving it back to the kids. Or something like that.

jima @ 12/30/2001 06:07 PM CST

It looks good. I really like the font you used for "Rubber Nun." (See, I'm looking around, posting comments, participating.)

rosemarie @ 01/04/2002 02:51 PM CST

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