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First hit of the new year: A Latvian who googled "nuns." Sveiks!

Last night's rockin' eve involved an early dinner at a local Italian place that started off cozy and quiet but was eventually disrupted by increasing throngs of harried parents and their yowling spawn. The food was good, though. Then we came home, watched videos and fell asleep by 10:30 without even opening our bottle of Martinell's sparkling apple cider. Because we know how to party.

Today: My first attempt at Hoppin' John (something like this, but replace "pork" with "tempeh.")

So. How's 2002 treating you so far?

Replies: 2 Confessions

So far, 2002 has been treating me like a valued customer. Also, the Hoppin' John was excellent. My compliments to the chef!

jima @ 01/02/2002 09:52 AM CST

Also: the crazy People at People Like Us apparently partied with bags on their heads. Is that a vacuum cleaner bag, or wha?

jima @ 01/02/2002 09:54 AM CST

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