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So, today Mr. Jimmie and I went to find a tent for the big ceremony, which will be outdoors in May and, as is the case with spring in Chicago, could take place in anything from a blizzard to an ozone action day. Best to be prepared with at least some sort of shelter, no?

Anyway, in order to see the shelter and seating options open to us, we had to go to the tent rental showroom nearest the ceremony site -- in one of those horrid, soulless sprawl suburbs in the middle of a horrid, soulless industrial park/yuppie big-box shopping plaza on (get this) Internationale Blvd. The mind reels.

Also, we ate lunch at Baker's Square because, honestly, where the hell else do you eat in the suburbs?

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You know what, about that Baker's Square?

They got pies there!

jima @ 01/07/2002 08:51 AM CST

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention about the Baker's Square pies: they cut their pies into a mere 5 slices. So you get a HYOOOGE slice of pie, if you order a regular size. (You can order a half-slice, but they mock you mercilessly if you do.)

But that's okay, because the pies are great.

jima @ 01/07/2002 10:30 AM CST


I wish I had me one of them Bakers Square pies right about now.

jima @ 01/08/2002 01:09 PM CST

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