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I can understand hitting this site while searching for nun, nuns, "nun fetish," "nun porn" and even the dreaded "porn nun," but why on earth would anyone come here looking for:

"vagabond shoes"

"john travolta"

"dilly dally"

"smiles everyone smiles"

and my personal favorite, "training a cocksucker" (they got this.)

I like people.

Replies: 3 Confessions

Porn Nun! Sounds like a naughty new superhero.

jima @ 01/06/2002 07:50 AM CST

I like people, too. They're the ones you can't stand.

elavil @ 01/07/2002 03:29 PM CST

fuck you all, you faggots

Lesbo @ 04/29/2002 03:21 PM CST

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