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speaking of Fast Food Nation...

See the Dave Thomas cartoon the Arizona Republic refused to run. Can't imagine why not -- it's just Dave, all fat and dead, clutching biggie fries under a Wendy's Old-Fashioned Heart-Clogging Food sign.

OK, I'll stop now.

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Hey, maaan... don't be dissing the burgers! Either you're eating burgers, or your with the terrorists!

jima @ 01/10/2002 09:22 AM CST

for some reason, this cartoon reads as if it's claiming "fat people deserve to die" rather than "the fast food industry is contributing to a morbidly obese society", but perhaps that reading is a result of having inadvertently buying into the marketing fiction (?) that Dave Thomas was a good fella.

either way, it seemed more mean-spirited than conscious-raising.

heather @ 01/10/2002 12:30 PM CST

It was mean, but I don't think it was entirely without consciousness-raising. Maybe he was a good fella. There was all that adoption stuff, which was a nice way for him to spend the millions he made from making people sick.

I don't enjoy the deaths of fellow humans. But there's no denying that the food he made his fortune from put him in an early grave, and will do the same to thousands if not millions of others.

amyc @ 01/10/2002 12:45 PM CST

Doesn't matter anyway -- the link no longer works.

amyc @ 01/10/2002 12:46 PM CST

Bastards. We keel them!

jima @ 01/11/2002 10:32 AM CST

Morford gets the last word.

amyc @ 01/11/2002 11:53 AM CST

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