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So, in discussing what sorts of entertainments and errands we should attend to this weekend, Jim says, "We gotta go see that new Tom Cruise movie, which I think is called Tom Cruise Running Around Like a Crazy Man with His Dick Caught in a Windmill." At which point all conversation ceased as we laughed ourselves sideways.

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Hey, I'm copyrighting that title, so don't y'all be stealin' it from me!

jima @ 01/10/2002 06:40 PM CST

Hey, the phrase "dick caught in a windmill" doesn't appear to show up anywhere on Google, so I think I'm good to go for copyrighting this phrase! This time next year, you'll all be wearing "I got my dick caught in a windmill" T-shirts, if I have anything to say about it!

jima @ 01/11/2002 12:50 PM CST

I would like it to be known that neither Jim nor I would ever actually go see a Tom Cruise movie. Unless it was a documentary of his dick caught in a windmill.

amyc @ 01/11/2002 01:08 PM CST

Ha! Love it! I saw Vanilla Sky and had low expectations, ( I was curious), but it was better than I expected. It was a typical Tom Cruise movie in many ways, but also somewhat of a puzzle. He did, in fact, get his dick caught in a windmill, not to give anything away. ---My favorite scene was toward the end when he is in a large hallway yelling for "Technical support! Technical support!" Thing was, I had a strong sense that Cruise and Crowe planned that scene as one that would be potentially replayed such as the "Here's Johnny!" clip from "The Shining." Too commercially deliberate.

Rosemarie @ 01/14/2002 01:04 PM CST

The world is still recovering from the damage Crowe and Cruise inflicted with "Show me the money." They are both hereby banned from creating another snappy catch-phrase.

amyc @ 01/14/2002 02:44 PM CST

Unless, of course, it involves Tom Cruise getting his dick caught in a windmill.

jima @ 01/16/2002 03:37 PM CST

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