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So, yes, it appears I was mistaken about the Nike ad campaign. Their actual shoe-hawking slogan is "enjoy the weather" -- the "our employees never get to" part was added on by some seriously dedicated culture jammers. (Note to activists: you might not want to do such a convincing job next time.)

"Gosford Park" was good, but I didn't love it as much as "The Royal Tenenbaums," which I could see a million times, I think. "Rushmore" is like that for me, too. I was struck by how much Kelly MacDonald (the Scottish maid and audience representative in "Gosford") looked like one of my college roommates. Just make her blond and give her a propensity for chewing with her mouth open, and it could have been Jen!

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I really liked Richard E. Grant in G'Park as the footman with a perpetual sneer. If Phineas were a phootman, that would be him.

jima @ 01/14/2002 09:42 AM CST

The only thing that tipped my favor towards Gosford Park over Tenenbaums was the appearance of the most lovely and talented Richard E Grant.

Every movie is made better with a little Grant.

heather @ 01/14/2002 10:02 AM CST

Mister Phineas just posted photographic evidence of the jam. Hooray for the Phineas!

jima @ 01/14/2002 10:57 AM CST

I think Richard E. Grant actually played Uzi in The Royal T-baums. You really can't recognize him under the track suit.

amyc @ 01/14/2002 11:24 AM CST

Also, Maggie Smith was Buckley.

jima @ 01/14/2002 12:27 PM CST

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