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OK, originally I was going to write about the importance of proofreading, but instead I'd like to share my heartwarming experience from last evening.

Yesterday, we finally got a measurable snowfall in Chicago. Henry was not digging the snow as much as she usually does (snow makes her lose her little mind and shove her face into snowbanks and run around in mad little circles of bliss, a phenomenon we like to call "the snow crazies"), an account of the snow being rather wet and sloshy instead of fluffy and soft. But wet snow is, as the kids say, good for packing. And packing snow is good for making snowpeople, even if there's only an inch and a half of it on the ground.

So anyway, on my way home last night during our mini-blizzard, I got off the train to switch lines at Belmont and saw the most adorable little snow-project. Some enterprising soul had taken the time waiting for a train to construct a wee snow individual on top of the Tribune recycling box. It was your standard-issue three stacked snowballs deal, but it was only about 8 inches high, with a bottle-cap hat, green yarn scarf, and little wire arms (possibly unbent paper clips) fashioned into a jaunty wave. It was just so happy and cute! And of course, tonight it was gone.

If I were Phineas, I would have had a dozen cameras on my person to record this event and share it with the universe. Of course, if I were Phineas, none of my skirts would fit anymore.

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"Of course, if I were Phineas, none of my skirts would fit anymore."

Actually, you'd be surprised. Last time I was pet-sitting I was going through yr clothes and a couple of the stretchier skirts... and I've said too much...

Phineas @ 01/17/2002 08:44 PM CST

Didn't get any pictures of that didja, Mr. Shutterbug?

amyc @ 01/18/2002 06:19 AM CST

That I'm going to show you? Not likely.

Phineas @ 01/18/2002 09:26 AM CST

That's okay. We installed those security cameras for just such an occasion.

jima @ 01/18/2002 01:40 PM CST

And you thought we were gonna watch Tron tomorrow night!

Emotion lotion! Takin' it to the stah-hars!

amyc @ 01/18/2002 02:19 PM CST

We've got HOURS of this stuff!

jima @ 01/21/2002 10:29 AM CST

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