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So, I've been eating my occasional fried potato products with malt vinegar (instead of delightful ranch dressing) for a while now to cut some fat and calories out of my diet. And we got some "authentic" English malt vinegar at Whole Foods (we even bought a cruet for it) that was tasty and harsh and altogether satisfactory. I didn't know any better.

Anyway, a few weeks ago we were stocking up on Hob-nobs, Curly-Wurlies and other imported Cadbury delights at the Irish Shop in Oak Park, I bought a bottle of Chef brand malt vinegar. We finally ran out of the underwhelming stuff and cracked open the new bottle last night, for our tater tots.

People. A whole new world of vinegary goodness has opened before my very eyes. That other brand was complete piss compared to Chef brand, which is rounded and fruity and rich! I want to put it on everything I eat from now on! I'm just saying.

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So people could get you big tumblers full of malt vinegar for your birthday, is what you're saying?

jima @ 01/24/2002 09:26 PM CST

That is what I'm saying.

Or they could just take me roller skating.

amyc @ 01/25/2002 06:07 AM CST

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