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What the world needs now: a blog about Spy. I fondly remember being unable to keep a straight face for several days after seeing Sylvester Stallone described as a "swarthy Bobo Doll" and a "stumpy action figure" in the Party Poop section. I gotta go dig up all my back issues.

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My favorite issue was the one with a photo of a dominatrix Hillary Clinton in the Oval office.

man, I had no idea she was so stacked!

heather @ 01/29/2002 09:34 AM CST

Yeah, they did some wonderful stuff with Photoshop back in the day. The naked, pregnant Bruce Willis to announce the launch of Planet Hollywood was both artfully done and shudder-inducing.

amyc @ 01/29/2002 12:00 PM CST

Then there was the '92 election special, "1,000 Reasons Not To Vote For George Bush".

jima @ 01/29/2002 01:14 PM CST

And that great fake New York Times they handed out during the 1992 conventions, with Ross Perot picking Oprah as his running-mate and a photo of Bill Clinton playing his sax for spare change on the subway platform. Even the little weather blurb on the top was funny: "Tonight: mostly dark."

amyc @ 01/29/2002 01:58 PM CST

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