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"The bible isn't specific. Is it wrong to masturbate while dreaming of your spouse?"

Craig doesn't technically answer the question at his Punk Rawk Bible site, but he does give you a free glimpse into his own tormented soul ("I'm still single, so I try not to fantasize at all. Sometimes, though, a thought starts coming into my head and I've just got to stop it. I'm like, "Where did that come from?" So perfect I am not.") Thank goodness John Ashcroft covered up them boobie statues at the Justice Department so Craig has even fewer temptations!

Replies: 6 Confessions

Can you believe they spent $8,000 to cover up those statues?! They could have used the money better by buying 40 of those famous $200 hammers. Oy, I was irritated when I heard that.

Charlie @ 01/31/2002 11:03 AM CST

Now whenever I see a curtain, I think of boobies! John Ashcroft's boobies!

jima @ 01/31/2002 11:38 AM CST

Why couldn't they have just moved the podium away from the boob lady, is what I want to know.

amyc @ 01/31/2002 12:37 PM CST

Because then the terrorists would have already won, obviously.

jima @ 01/31/2002 01:01 PM CST

Do you two ever talk at home, or just online?

Charlie @ 01/31/2002 10:43 PM CST

At home, we use AIM.

amyc @ 02/01/2002 06:24 AM CST

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