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Always remember, folks: No good deed goes unpunished.

Oh, and: I deeply dislike the term "Walkman." I'm not sure if this stems from some innate rejection of gender-specific terms (I say, for instance, "maintenance-hole cover" instead of "manhole cover." Unless I'm talking about the admission charge at the local leather bar. Ba-dum-bum) or if the very sound and position of the letters involved in the word icks me out (I feel this way about "pamphlet"). So over the years, I've taken to inventing other names for the aforementioned device, like pocket stereo system or hand-held sonic device or personal cassette machine avec headphones. Leave it to cunning linguist Jim to coin my new favorite phrase. He calls it my "horseless Victrola." I love that man.

If they sue the pants off John Ashcroft, will he construct an $8000 blue curtain to cover his loins?

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I hate the word 'pamphlet', too. also on the list of bad-sounding words: 'panties', 'slacks', and 'rubbery'

heather @ 02/01/2002 09:48 AM CST

I made a list with a friend of mine in, like, 8th grade of all the words we despised, and the only ones I can still remember were "pamphlet" and "trinket."

"Moist" = also not good.

amyc @ 02/01/2002 11:01 AM CST

it is too funny - the concepts outlined by our hated sounds are *so* welcome...I can't imagine a life without 'moist' , but I never want to hear it...

heather @ 02/01/2002 02:32 PM CST

It's that same concept of whenever I say a word over and over it begins to sound like nonsense and I can't think how to spell it properly. Toothpaste was my first such deconstructed word. Now, disliked words include "utilize", "sloopy", "perterb" and "fungi". Also, any word used incorrectly tends to irritate. For example, I read a card giving a definition of all the things a friend is for. One of them is "sooth". Hello!?! I think you mean soothe, but I could hardly construct a sentence in which sooth was used correctly, sooth.

annie @ 02/01/2002 04:17 PM CST

"Was" is one of those words that just sounds completely made up the more I say it. Was. Was was was was was was.

amyc @ 02/01/2002 05:05 PM CST

"The" is even stranger. Especially since you can pronounce it at least two ways.

Jon @ 02/05/2002 12:33 PM CST

'Horsless Victrola' reminded me of this...I once translated a French page, having something to do with a Sony Discman, through AltaVista. What I can only assume meant 'headphones' came out as 'output helmet.'

Clayton @ 02/06/2002 01:32 PM CST

Oh, that's wonderful!

amyc @ 02/08/2002 08:25 AM CST

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