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Notes for today:
If you live in Chicago, or near Chicago, or you can get to Chicago using some manner of transport, get your damn self immediately to "43 Plays for 43 Presidents" at yon Neo-Futurarium. It is, as the kids say, a laff-riot. You'll never look at that scalawag Grover Cleveland the same way again. Stuff some history in your knowledge-hole, why don't you?
This morning's Trib headline: $1.5 billion pot brims with secretive pork. I mean, what the hell kind of headline is that? It's oddly phrased, the metaphor is stretched clumsily, and honestly, if you had that much actual pork brimming somewhere, it wouldn't be a secret for long. Especially if you had pets. Get me rewrite!
February 3 is the Feast of St. Blaise in the Catholic Church. Blaise is the patron saint of throat ailments.
The 15th Amendment, guaranteeing the right to vote for African-Americans, became law on February 3, 1870.
On February 3, 1973, Richard Nixon (one of our 43 presidents!) signed the Endangered Species Act.
In Japan, Setsubun is the festival marking the end of winter and the beginning of spring. On February 3, you can throw soybeans at the devil for a year's worth of good health.
February 3 is the birthday of Norman Rockwell, Morgan Fairchild, Fran Tarkenton, Joey Bishop, Gertrude Stein and me.

Replies: 2 Confessions

Happy Birthday, your grace!

And about that lovely wedding dress: any thoughts on matching getups for the bridesmaids and groomsmen?

Just askin.

weeza @ 02/03/2002 12:58 PM CST

I stuffed some knowledge in my knowledge hole!

And look at where I am today!

In Atlantis!!


jima @ 02/03/2002 08:09 PM CST

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