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Celebrate Ronald Reagan Day with Jim and Phineas!

Of course, who needs to walk down memory lane when we've got George W. Bush (or Reagan 2: Electric Boogaloo) in office? Our current "affable dunce" has us embroiled in a protracted and potentially unending war against ideas instead of nations; he's trying to cram That 80's Budget (billions on defense and taxbreaks for the insanely wealthy, jack shit for everybody else) through congress; he's the happy-faced puppet of extremely evil Republican old guard monsters; his smirking demeanor makes him seem friendly and likable, disguising his true paleoconservative beliefs; he's returned us to the glory days of high unemployment, deficit spending and overarching dread; and he's extremely stupid. So, hooray.

We're doomed.

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Say what you will about GWB, at least he makes an interesting photo subject.

jima @ 02/06/2002 09:16 AM CST

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