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"What's up?"

"Nothing. Just checking out some fairs for seeing the country."

"Fairs? Like renaissance fairs?"

"Yes. I'm hoping to travel the US renaissance fair circuit. I want to be a medieval carny."

What he actually meant was fares, apparently. David, he of the charmed life and peculiar "projects," has decided he wants to be in New Orleans on his birthday this year (which happens to be this Tuesday, the fat one), so he's taking the Greyhound Bus from Detroit to the Big Easy. By himself. He hasn't figured out the whole lodging situation yet, so if you are reading this and you live in New Orleans and you see a short, stocky guy who looks like this wandering around expectantly, perhaps with a full, bushy, serial-killer-style beard and a newly acquired pack-a-day Camels habit, please let him sleep on your floor. He's harmless.

Also: The vet says Henry's fine and she doesn't need any radiation or nothin', as long as the tumor doesn't grow back. Her stitches are healing well, she has (and I quote) "the bloodwork of a puppy," and she's just darned fuzzy and cute. Dr. Hernandez is not concerned, therefore I will try not to be. Tomorrow night: Annual checkups for the cats!

Replies: 3 Confessions

Yes, David's harmless ... except for his tendency to change his plans at the drop of a hat, thereby throwing everybody else's plans into wild flux.

jima @ 02/11/2002 10:20 AM CST

I think he thinks that's part of his charm. It's gotten him this far in life (which, admittedly, isn't terribly far at all).

amyc @ 02/11/2002 11:22 AM CST

That, and his trainwreck-surviving techniques.

jima @ 02/11/2002 11:41 AM CST

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