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Regular Mardi Gras is about debauchery, masquerade, giant heads and free distribution of jewelry.

Polish Mardi Gras is about donuts. Happy Paczki Day, kids!

Replies: 3 Confessions

We forgot to get some this morning. If we were living in Detroit, we wouldn't have forgotten. (We would have a whole new set of other problems, but still, we wouldn't have forgotten the donuts.)

jima @ 02/12/2002 09:21 AM CST

Actually, the authentic ones are made with lard, so it's probably best not to get them. I had a chocolate croissant instead -- that's pretty close, right?

amyc @ 02/12/2002 10:31 AM CST

Yes, that's a French donut.

jima @ 02/12/2002 10:50 AM CST

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