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Invitations are in the mail. Jim and I are not registering for gifts -- we don't have room for the stuff we have now! But if you're dying to go registry-shopping, Liza needs your help.

Sadly, neither these nor these are on her list. She must already have them.

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I love my fleece cozy thingy. got it at the chicago store "early to bed" and my cozied toys are happier for it, I'm sure.

heather @ 02/21/2002 09:45 AM CST

Bust magazine had a "new products" article about a half change purse, half merkin device made of what looked like Muppet fur. I betcha Liza-with-a-Z ain't got one of those!

amyc @ 02/21/2002 10:43 AM CST

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