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Things that have made my skin crawl this week:

[] Ew.

[] "Thank goodness you have such a young, beautiful wife."

[] Stupid white men.

[] The first banned phrase of 2002: "Let's Roll" (soon to be emblazoned on a mudflap near you!)

And speaking of crawling flesh, I've been having at least one nightmare per evening for almost a week now. The first three, all the same night, were obviously wedding-stress-induced and all revolved around not having anything to wear to the ceremony. I solved that problem, but, alas, the nocturnal torments have not abated.

The next night I dreamed I was walking down Roscoe St. with some guy who wanted me to come home with him. I had a bad feeling about it, but the street was deserted, and I could see no way out. He brought me into his house, where I saw a woman I recognized from my gym. Her hands and feet were bound, and he sat on her chest and forced knives down her throat very slowly, then pulled them out dripping with blood. That's when I woke up. There have been others since then, although I can't remember the details (which is probably a good thing). I just remember waking with a start and being unable to get back to sleep for a while, and being wigged out all the following day.

It's been like this every night, terrible dreams ranging from garden-variety anxieties to gory horror shows. If anyone knows of a good cure for nightmares, please send it to me, along with a chocolate croissant and some Throat Coat tea for this crummy cold I seemed to have picked up, probably on the El, because those cars are just fuckin' petri dishes on rails in the winter, or maybe at the gym, which is also a good place to spread germs, I'm told, what with all the sweating and dirty hands and heavy breathing and bad ventilation systems, at least at my gym which filed for Chapter 11 yesterday and is closing forever and not giving anyone their membership money back because they are absolute bastards. Now I'll probably have a nightmare about that.

And in closing, don't dress your dog as a bunny. Please. (thanks to Mr. Jimmie for the link to this horrible site!)

Replies: 2 Confessions

what a pretty dress! love the color! where did you get it?

sorry to hear about the dreams, amy - i must say the horror show would make a lovely movie, perhaps with shorb music?

heather @ 02/28/2002 10:02 AM CST

I got the dress at Amy Rigg on Damen. I wish she had a Web site. As soon as I tried it on, I knew it was the one for me.

You don't want to see the movies that can be made with Shorb music.

amyc @ 02/28/2002 10:42 AM CST

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