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These search terms, for whatever reason, bring up no matches on Google:

"crappy clams"
"white-hot methodists"
"chicks with Dick Sargent"
"vagina gymkata"
"millionaire underpants"
"vibrating elves"
"John Ashcroft loves the Constitution"

Maybe now they will.

Replies: 8 Confessions

I'm not falling for that one - they probably bring up a zillion websites apiece, all of which will offend my delicate sensibilities!

vibrating elves, indeed.

heather @ 02/28/2002 03:55 PM CST

Heather, don't you trust me?

amyc @ 02/28/2002 04:47 PM CST

I got results for every one of those. Are you using that 'Stupid, Gay Google'? Because it never finds nuthin'.

Phineas @ 03/01/2002 08:59 AM CST

oh amy, of corpse I trust you.

I trust you to warp my mind, like you obviously warped Mr Cremey McEggy Pants Head's mind.

and, I'm not as gullible as mr phineas, either.

heather @ 03/01/2002 09:36 AM CST

Didja put the phrases in quotes, Phin? Because only the exact phrase counts in this pointless game!

I wonder how long before "Mr Cremey McEggy Pants Head" shows up in the Googlizer.

amyc @ 03/01/2002 10:20 AM CST

Oh, I misunderstood the rules.

Please add: 'poopie in my pants not my poopie' to the list, then.

Phineas @ 03/01/2002 10:31 AM CST

Will do! Maybe.

I added the little quote thingies. The people, they were confused. And I am all about clarity. I got my clarity on, yo.

amyc @ 03/01/2002 10:43 AM CST

"makes DSL worthwhile" :)

Paul @ 07/26/2002 07:01 PM CST

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