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Using the search terms people have used to find RubberNun, you could put together a complete if baffling ensemble:

vagabond shoes
nun in pantyhose
cod pieces
christian punk shirts

Replies: 6 Confessions

Cod pieces. Like, pieces of cod? Cod cut up in bite-size pieces?

jima @ 03/11/2002 10:48 AM CST


Charlie @ 03/11/2002 11:09 AM CST

You know. A wimple!

amyc @ 03/11/2002 02:55 PM CST

EXCELLENT! Now I'm going to find out some way to work it into conversation, this week! I don't talk about nuns very often, though. Of course, I wouldn't want to make it a habit. Generally, it's a pretty black & white issue: The times that I talk about nuns in coversation generally comes to about 'nun'. That's probably because I don't truly know much about them, I feel like a penguin out of water on that subject.

Gawd. I crack me up. I think that was the high point of my day! Thx!

Charlie @ 03/11/2002 06:36 PM CST

Hah! I'm still funny the next day!

Charlie @ 03/12/2002 06:35 PM CST

I found this page by doing a completely random google search for 'g-g-g-google.' A christian cod nun on g-g-g-google!

Cat @ 12/30/2004 01:17 AM CST

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