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What's your ecological footprint? Take the quiz.

Be warned: It ain't pretty. My vegetarian, rarely-drivin', CTA-ridin', local-produce-buyin', energy-savin' lifestyle yielded the following results:

The Average US Footprint is 31 acres.
Your Footprint is 16 acres. This is 51% of the US average.
Worldwide, there exist 5 biologically productive acres per person.
This means that if everybody lived like you, we'd need 3 planets.


Replies: 4 Confessions

I got the same footprint, and I'm a carniverous, any-produce-buyin', rarely-drivin', energy savin' freak. let's go out and get those planets, y'all!

heather @ 03/14/2002 10:19 AM CST

See, if you subscribe to the Hollow-Earth theory, there's at least one other planet, on the INSIDE of this one. So that takes care of one, I guess.

jima @ 03/14/2002 10:22 AM CST

That's crazy! It's crowded enough as it is! Where the hell are we going to put two more entire planets!? These people are insane.

Phineas @ 03/14/2002 01:13 PM CST

We thought we could store them at your place. You don't mind, right?

amyc @ 03/14/2002 03:02 PM CST

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