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I've gotten a lot of search requests for "mysterious rash" in the last two days. Also:
chicago manhole cover photos,
morgan fairchild,
mallard fillmore,
clotted cream nun, (eeuughhh!) and
picture of my butt.

I regret that I could not help any of these people.


David has declared his recent trip to Chicago "like every Spring Break I never took, rolled into one." Which I think means he had a good time.


Love in the news: Ann "invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity" Coulter is dating a Muslim. Perhaps she'd be better matched with someone like our friend Larry Wood at Bible Doctrine News, who said in yesterday's news analysis re: Andrea Yates, "In other words, if a man's wife executes his children, he should encourage the court to execute her. That is Christian love." Someone should fix up these two crazy kids!


This just in: Atheism is "offensive or objectionable" in Florida, at least on license plates.

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"like every Spring Break I never took, rolled into one."

I'm sure the details will be showing up in the next video installment of "Strange, Hairy Men Gone Wild".

jima @ 03/15/2002 10:31 AM CST

Update: The Florida atheist gets to keep his license plate.

amyc @ 03/15/2002 12:01 PM CST

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