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Went to see "Monsoon Wedding" today. I have completely changed my mind about the understated, laid-back affair we've been planning. Now I want a four-day blow-out with henna and marigold ladders and vibrant saris (but without the unpleasant familial revelations). Although I think it's probably a little late for that now. (Though apparently it's never too late for some people to have their big pretty-princess bullshit day.)

Also, I made soup. Carrot soup with matzo balls, to be specific. New recipes that taste good, make everyone happy, and provide enough food for leftovers are very satisfying indeed. My belly is pleasingly full of plant-based nutrition, and a little egg to bind the matzo balls. Ball-binding eggs!

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We could always take a trip up to Devon Avenue, to procure some fabulous saris. I guess I'll have to find a horse to ride in on.

I would also like to see Mister Phineas in a pink turban.

jima @ 03/18/2002 08:45 AM CST

I saw monsoon wedding and all I could think of is "why the hell is that guy eating the marigolds?"

and amy, the henna would work well with the lovely dress you've should do it!

heather @ 03/18/2002 10:07 AM CST

Liza with a husband!

jima @ 03/18/2002 10:09 AM CST

Yeah, about her new "husband": He's 48, never married before, works in the entertainment industry, loves Liza Minelli -- and he's straight! What are the odds?

I'm gonna go eat a bucket of marigolds.

amyc @ 03/18/2002 12:46 PM CST

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