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The wedding-related nightmares have (mostly) subsided, even with just 59 days to the big event. Last night, though, I dreamed that Jim and I were being held captive by a gaggle of Society for Creative Anachronism types, all decked out in their homemade metal finery. They took us to their "compound" -- acres of hilly countryside cluttered with fake castles -- where we tried valiantly to run away, but they chased us on horseback. They tried to make us drink mead. Or perhaps it was grog. In any event, we knew we were not in any real danger, but we were powerfully annoyed by the whole situation and kept telling our captors we didn't want to play.

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That is a hoot.

Beware the mead - it's really frickin' yummy and packs a mean hangover.

But seriously, at all costs, keep a distance between from those who shout "Huzzah!" or "So Mote It Be!" It doesn't get much more annoying than that.

Jessica @ 03/20/2002 07:01 PM CST

Also beware those who use redundant prepositions. Argh.

Jessica @ 03/20/2002 07:02 PM CST

Huzzah-shouters have always been on my shit list.

amyc @ 03/21/2002 06:14 AM CST

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