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Field trip! I'd like to go just to be a part of this project.


This site still fascinates me. I've been checking it every day for the latest news, sports and, of course, weather elephants.

You almost have to admire the raving, spittle-flecked single-mindedness of the Bible Doctrine News guy, sitting at home with his weather charts and his numerology books, making utterly sincere pronouncements such as, "The floods brought suffering and pining to the people of Kentucky. It was the worst flood since 1977, where 77 stands for Reverse Process Reversionism. A hundred chickens drowned in Pineville. A chicken represents male dominance. Floods represent cursing due to female promiscuity."

And knowing that this photo of harmless winter fun could inspire this comment from him, "The people in the photograph resembled crosses (X's) and pentagrams. A cross represents capital punishment, or the sin unto death, while a pentagram represents a giant, such as Baal. The people were in ranks like an army dead in the snow" actually sort of warms my heart. Poor, crazy man.


Scab Christ! Crack Christ! Collect them all!


Also, people who wear too much bottled scent should have their spritzing fingers smashed with hammers.

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