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Grrrr. I'm getting old. I thought getting diagnosed with asthma at 27 would be a death sentence, but I've managed to keep it under control with vitamins and meds, and I never need my inhaler anymore. But now I'm starting to get old-people maladies. I've got tendonitis in my right wrist, which means I'm supposed to not use that hand so much or support weight on it, and it doesn't help when, like Monday, I trip coming up the stairs at work and break my fall almost entirely with my bad hand. I'm pretty sure I'm developing arthritis in my right foot, like around the big-toe joint (or a bunion. Bunions run in the family. Bunions seem like such a grandma thing. Next I'll probably get the dreaded corns!). I'm becoming one of those people who complains about how "it hurts to get up in the morning." I'm becoming my dad.

Oh, and as of yesterday's trip to the dermatologist, I also have rosacea it seems. And, it's incurable! Yay! I'm trying to take it in stride, you know, but I'm more alarmed than comforted when all the rosacea Web sites I check feature pictures of WC Fields. But Princess Di had it too, so now I can still feel pretty. And, according to RosaceaWorld I've joined a new tribe of "Rosaceans." (cue "You'll Never Walk Alone.") The best part, though, has got to be the sulfur-based facewash that gives my skin that faint, adorable burnt-matchstick odor the kids are so wild about these days.

Hey! You kids! Get off my lawn!

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Not that this is any comfort but wrist tendinitis (and its rich cousin carpal tunnel syndrome) is a malady more common in the yuppie/dink than the geezer/fogey/AARP demographic. Also, since there is a pretty big difference between bunions (occur on the outside) and arthritis (occurs on the inside), had you considered gout (appears both places and has a much more colorful literary history)to explain your toe?
I'm just sayin.

elavil @ 03/27/2002 07:38 AM CST

Gout? Oh, great. But both bunions and foot-centered arthritis run in the fam (my mom and aunts have both). I guess I shoulud get checked to be certain. It's just the whole everything-hurts-in-the-morning-ness of life now that makes me feel old.

Hey, wait a minute -- did you just call me a yuppie?

amyc @ 03/27/2002 08:04 AM CST

Of course not. I called you a dink.

elavil @ 03/27/2002 08:57 AM CST

Oh, and by the way, that "foot arthritis that runs in the family" is more commonly known as "gouty arthritis." It likes the big toe in the foot and the thumb in the hand. You need to reduce the . . . um . . . purines, I think, in yr diet - anyhow, it is best managed by diet, which is nice for you. It seems to me you should be avoiding port wine and strawberries, but I might have made that last part up.

elavil @ 03/27/2002 08:59 AM CST

Purines? Like dog food?

amyc @ 03/27/2002 09:42 AM CST

hey amy - you should have a chat with ms cinnamon, the lovely and talented domestic partner of andrew @ she has rosacea, and the meds they give her result in the Most Perfect, Radiant, Velvety skin ever. better than halle berry, but without the makeup.

at least, you could take a look at the site. Andrew writes for it

heather @ 03/27/2002 10:09 AM CST

Gouty Arthritis -- was he the guy who wrote "Alice's Restaurant"?

jima @ 03/27/2002 10:09 AM CST

oh, you've already seen the site. well, good, then.

heather @ 03/27/2002 10:12 AM CST

thanks, Heather -- that's good to know. I'd like to have velvety skin for once in my life.

amyc @ 03/27/2002 10:45 AM CST

Purine like the amino acid. I suspect you can still eat dog food.

By the way, when visiting a friend once, I saw the promotional calendar for (and honest, this really happened and was not a product of too much dope in the 60s) Purina Autoclavable Rodent Chow.
And you think you've got problems.

elavil @ 03/27/2002 10:49 AM CST

mmmm...autoclavable rodent chow...

amyc @ 03/27/2002 10:54 AM CST

you should see what happens if you put other types of chow in the autoclave....really messes up the system, it does....

heather @ 03/27/2002 02:10 PM CST

Not to mention the mess if you try to autoclave the rodents.

elavil @ 03/27/2002 04:09 PM CST

Aren't the rodents autoclavable?

jima @ 03/27/2002 04:17 PM CST

Only the purines.

elavil @ 03/27/2002 04:45 PM CST

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