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Yes! This month I surpassed the 100-hit mark of people searching this site for "nun porn." I regret that I could be of no assistance to those folks.

Today: Moving day for Mouse. In a stunning display of estrogenic productivity, several of us (Mouse, her ladyfriend Debbie, Larra, Annie, myself and people I didn't know named Marchelle, Julie and Lovey) hauled many boxes and plants and whatall from Mouse's old place into the new digs -- the so-called "The House of Milaan," a turn-of-the-century three-flat recently purchased by Mouse, Larra and Annie.

I have expressed my jealousy about this situation on numerous occasions. They have a big yard. They can grow tomatoes and have parties. And they each get their own apartment. It's all the joys of living with your best friends, and none of the stupid arguments about who finished all the milk. Sigh.

Tonight: Another double-date with Phineas and Shylo. First, a shopping trip to Val's Halla Records, featuring the incomparable Val, a room full of freaky vinyl and Loki, the friendliest store dog. Then, dinner at New Rebozo, our favorite Mexican place, and well worth the trip out to Oak Park. Perhaps California native Shylo will not be impressed with our midwestern Mexican fare, but how could anyone not love the owner of this place, Jorge Lopez (or J-Lo, as Jim calls him)? If you live anywhere near Chicago, you should eat at New Rebozo. Oh my god!

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