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Last night I dreamed that Jim and I decided, as a joke, to buy so many decorative pillows for a friend's bed (which friend was unclear) that there would be no room for anyone to sit or sleep. We styled the larger pillows into the shape of a head with an open mouth, then used tiny pillows to represent ravioli inside the mouth.

I also dreamed that people misunderstood the RSVP date on the wedding invitations and started showing up for the wedding on April 15. We started telling people it was still a month hence, but then we feared they might go home and not come back.

Replies: 3 Confessions

What, the wedding isn't till NEXT month? What are we doing to do with this tent till May?

Rev. Agnes Lionel @ 04/01/2002 06:28 AM CST

Gah! Are you trying to give me a stroke?

amyc @ 04/01/2002 08:15 AM CST

Nono, just gouty arthritis. Have some chow.

Rev. Agnes Lionel @ 04/01/2002 09:30 AM CST

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