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Bastard, BASTARD HarbourMastah

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Real funny, yeah. But not much writing involved in the article, is there? Speaking of which, I should work on my own McSweeney's article, "50 Fortune Cookie Fortunes With All Nouns Replaced With The Word 'Dewlap'."

jima @ 04/11/2002 08:10 AM CST

Such is the way with McSweeney's lists. It's, y'know, postmodern or something.

By the way, putting "Amy Dewlap" into the Wu Name Generator issues forth "Ungrateful Ninja." (Jima Dewlap = Well-liked Assman)

amyc @ 04/11/2002 08:45 AM CST

your Wu-Name is

Tha Prickly Comedian

Use it wisely, soldier.

Huh, huh.

Charlie @ 04/11/2002 10:48 AM CST

Not surprisingly, I'm missing this Dewlap joke. I'm fighting my own, minor, dewlap, but it is a lifelong struggle once the dewlap is established.

A fold of loose skin hanging from the neck of certain animals.
A pendulous part similar to this, such as the wattle of a bird.
A fold of loose skin hanging from the neck of a person.

Charlie @ 04/11/2002 10:50 AM CST

It's not much of a joke, really. We just have an inordinate fondness 'round our house for silly-sounding words.

Dewlap dewlap dewlap! Yeah!

amyc @ 04/11/2002 11:16 AM CST

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