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Too hot to sleep last night. Already. Man, summer is going to suck.

Interesting article by Ben Ehrenriech about the current state of the anti-abortion movement in the US, along with some updates on the major players (ex: Randall Terry got shunned for having an affair and now sells used cars in Upstate New York). Even though groups like Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Action Network have had legal setbacks and a stunning drop in membership, they're still finding ways to fuck with reproductive rights in significant ways. She concludes: "If the public has repeatedly shown itself to be more pro-choice than not -- a fact illustrated by Richard Riordan's and Elizabeth Dole's pragmatic stands on abortion -- it is nonetheless harder now than at any point in the last two decades to get an abortion in America. More than 800 clinics, hospitals and private doctors' offices have stopped performing abortions. In most rural areas, there's simply nowhere to go: 84 percent of American counties lack even one abortion provider."

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Damn. Well, maybe some charitable organization will sponsor abortion boats for *our* repressed women.

Jessica @ 04/16/2002 02:15 PM CST

although I'm a big fan of the barbara ehrenreich, the article appears to be written by Ben Ehrenreich. I'm not sure who he is, but he lives in LA, barbara lives in florida somewhere, I think...interesting article, tho.

heather @ 04/16/2002 02:34 PM CST

Y'know, when I bookmarked that, it said Barbara. Perhaps they corrected it.

(edit: I fixed it)

amyc @ 04/16/2002 02:55 PM CST

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