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Would you rather fuck your wife or a horse?


Man caught raping a horse by a trainful of British commuters says the publicity ruined his marriage. It was nice of The Sun to protect the identity of Rose the pony by blurring out her face.

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Don't know what's more disturbing, the horse rapist or the siamese twins being rushed to the hospital....the mom and dad following in the footsteps of 50% of British parents by having children out of wedlock. I'll cross my finger for the horse and the babies! - wicked cool site. You should also check out the BLUE Q line of products "Wash Away your Sins" - from soap to lip balm all intended to cleanse the sinner and ready them to go forth and sin some more! check it out!

MorriganMoon @ 05/01/2002 02:08 PM CST

This is ridiculous. So what now, society is going to say we can't fuck dogs too? Let's keep our hands off love folks. Love comes in many shades and it can be a beautiful thing.

dogfucker @ 07/05/2002 03:48 AM CST

I love all of you, because you are my children. I don't care if you enjoy placing your penis in a chicken.

Jesus @ 08/07/2002 12:43 AM CST


testing @ 11/25/2003 01:59 PM CST


testing @ 11/25/2003 02:00 PM CST

how's this for a test?

amyc @ 08/09/2004 06:42 AM CST

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