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So, despite their setbacks at the Supreme Court level, Ashcroft and various silly Republicans are trying to cram through another bill that would make it illegal to look at sexual images of "children" who do not, in fact, exist. Said Rep. Mark Foley, R-Fla. "Pedophiles do not have a First Amendment right to gawk over exploited children, real or virtual."

Meanwhile, the sexual exploitation of actual underage girls continues unabated, as people who would probably not consider themselves pedophiles can now gawk over 16-yr-old singer Charlotte Church, winner of Rear of the Year in Britain. Quoth Church: "I think it is quite sad that image is so absolutely fundamental," she told Reuters as she strode into a sun-kissed London park, admitting she felt faintly foolish wearing her "Rear of the Year" winner's sash for the obligatory photo-shoot. "But that's the way of the world, that is the way it is, nobody is going to change it. Therefore there is no point in complaining about it -- just embrace it."

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