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"The police department 'properly disposed' of the semen, but declined to say how."

Oh, how I love ObscureStore!

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"We've had all kinds of guesses at the station all day. But I'm not going to tell you what they were."

Dammit! The people have a right to know!

Phineas @ 05/02/2002 10:35 AM CST

I want to know why they think it's goat semen and not pig semen, despite evidence to the contrary. I picture a renegade cop swaggering up to the drum, hitching up his belt and intoning, "That's not pig semen! I've seen a lot of livestock semen on all my years on the force, and I guarantee that came from...a goat!" while his shocked subordinates gasp and murmur among themselves. "He's a loose cannon, but he's usually right," they'd say.

amyc @ 05/02/2002 11:08 AM CST

Hey Phineas -
What about that $500 fine? Something requiring daily attention? A face you see often during the day? I know you have technically moved out of the Wrigleyville area but surely you go back for . . . old time's sake?

Reverend A @ 05/02/2002 11:52 AM CST

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