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So tonight I happened to catch a smidgen of MTV's Lisa Lopes funeral coverage. One young man in the throng outside the church was so bereft he went out and got a tattoo as a tribute to Left Eye. He pulled up his sleeve for the camera and told MTV's correspondent (whose name appears to be Sway) how much he missed the young singer. Upon his upper arm, beneath a meticulously drawn pierced eyebrow, was a huge, long-lashed, meticulously drawn right eye.

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That is way too priceless.

Jessica @ 05/03/2002 03:46 PM CST

Who was Lisa Lopez?

Charlie @ 05/04/2002 11:43 PM CST

Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes was the L in TLC, the biggest-selling female pop group ever (bigger than the Supremes, even). They had some catchy little songs, like "Waterfalls" and "No Scrubs," though Lopes was probably more famous for burning her football-player boyfriend's house down after an argument. I actually like some of their songs. They don't get into vocal gymnastics like your Destiny's Childs or your Christina Aguileras.

Jeez, Charlie, doncha watch "Behind the Music"?

amyc @ 05/05/2002 10:51 AM CST

I need a picture of the tatoos of left eye, only the ones in her shoulder.

Kensou @ 08/04/2002 04:07 PM CST

My best friend is a "true" fan of tlc and left eye. For her 21st birthday she would like to meet them but since I think that is impossible if tlc can her a tape just wishing her a happy birthday. I would like to get pictures of left eye tatoos. Thank you very much.

Tiaihs Tiaisha Dandy @ 08/04/2003 12:49 PM CST

I need pictures of Lefteye's tatoos, the most important: the one on her foot. Thanks!

Lza @ 09/06/2004 04:21 PM CST

First of all i have sumthin 2 say 2 all da lefteye hatas.Ya'll need 2 stop da damn hatin.Yall dumb bitches and muthafuckers juss mad cuz yall kno dat yall ain't have shit on her.I swear to God if i could find out who yall are and meet yall i would beat da shit out of all of yall!!!!!!! Lisa lefteye Lopes wuz da best female rapper out there and she will never be forgotten.Now gettin bac to da haters fuck all of yall and yall is gon burn in hell for dat dumb shit yall sayin and if u got a problem wit anythin i said write me @

brianna @ 09/26/2004 02:26 PM CST

hey i didn't even know her but i still luv her she is so kewl and if u don't like this its the thought that counts at least i reconize that she lived and that she was a great singer and thats all that matters peace out bubi g'z and b'z in the world

Jenni @ 05/15/2005 03:27 PM CST

Lisas my home grl and i luv her 4 speakin it like it is in loving memory of left eye my hairs gonna b like hers luv all the luvers of lisa

sasha @ 05/15/2005 03:31 PM CST


Rusko @ 06/03/2005 09:24 AM CST


QTADSD @ 07/13/2005 06:07 PM CST

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