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What a day, yesterday! I'm tellin' ya. First, whilst killing some time and doing some shopping at the local coffee house/funky stuff boutique, I ran into an old high school chum I haven't seen since, oh, let's say 1987. Fabulous! Then Jim and I met up with Phineas and Shylo for dinner and City Girl!, the new play at the NeoFuturarium.

While we were walking to the show, something in the window of Mi Angelito caught my eye. Holy impulse buy! I am sorely tempted to carry her around town in a Snugli.

And my long-lost high school friend was also at the show. Weird, huh? Haven't seen each other in 15 years, then twice in one night! Which means you should all go see City Girl!, I think. It's funny and clever and has good songs (heh, I tell people all the time that Chicago is a grid -- I was so wrong!), plus it will bring you luck.

After the show, a nightcap of sorts. Phineas was right: sock puppet porn is funny! I laughed so hard I broke my tittie-bone!

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Forgive me for asking, but is your new doll anatomically correct?

matthew @ 05/06/2002 08:41 AM CST

If by "anatomically correct" you mean "has hollow plastic limbs and a batting-stuffed fabric torso," then yes. I do believe that's anatomically correct for a nun.

amyc @ 05/06/2002 08:55 AM CST

Thanks. I regretted asking, but had to know in spite of myself; and the answer could have been a lot worse.

matthew @ 05/06/2002 11:03 AM CST

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