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Georgia school holds first integrated prom. I can't believe this story is not datelined 1962.

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I had the exact same reaction when I read the story. They are proud of the fact that they held their first intergrated prom in 2002? They should be ashamed.

michele @ 05/06/2002 06:58 AM CST

Well, the students did say they were "special."

Georgia finally joins the 19th century!

amyc @ 05/06/2002 08:19 AM CST

6:00am CST?!

Charlie @ 05/06/2002 11:42 AM CST

Well, yeah. I get up around 5:30. That dog's not gonna walk herself, you know.

amyc @ 05/06/2002 12:33 PM CST

As much as she'd like to, she cannot. She might run out and break her tittie-bone.

Ohhhhhh, mah tittie-bone!

jima @ 05/06/2002 04:41 PM CST

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