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Alright, just one more post about that Welsh teen singer with the ass that everyone loves. Touring the planet as the alleged "voice of an angel," she's gotten to meet several world leaders. She proclaims both Bill Clinton and Tony Blair very charismatic, but she was disappointed by the current White House occupant: "He asked me what state Wales was in. I didn't really know how to answer that one, bless him."

We are so doomed.

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I am surprised he did not add something like, "Wales, didn't I declare that as the center of the axis of evil?"

Doomed is such an understatement of what we are in for!

Hurry up 2004

Michelle @ 05/07/2002 01:08 AM CST

At this point I'd settle for a good reaming of the House and Senate in November. Anything to neuter his delusions even a smidgen.

amyc @ 05/07/2002 05:58 AM CST

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