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Because I've had to plan pretty much every second of my life for the last, oh, three weeks or so, I'm a bit too burnt-out to do a proper wedding recap at the moment. Plus, we don't have many pictures back yet. To tide you over, we do have {{popup sph-nunbabeland.JPG sph-nunbabeland 360x270}}a shot from the honeymoon of Sister at Seattle's legendary Toys in Babeland. Enjoy! Unless you're my mom or someone who's easily perturbed, then please don't click the link. Thanks.

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This seems as good a place as any to wish you both joy in your consummated nuptials.

matthew @ 05/28/2002 11:49 AM CST

I don't suppose you're going to tell us what you bought here? Or, better yet, that you got us a present? We've been very, very good.

Reverend Agnes @ 05/28/2002 12:40 PM CST

A lady never discusses such matters in public. And neither do I!

amyc @ 05/28/2002 02:40 PM CST

wow, I was there the 25th. I *butt* toys in babeland. since i am not a lady, I'll spill about what I picked up. I grabbed one of those cute as a button Very Personal Massage Unit that fits on a finger. the 2nd best thing about it is the Very Discreet small faux leather case that has a freaking BELT LOOP on the back.

god bless america!

shechemist @ 05/29/2002 09:32 AM CST

a BELT LOOP?! Whee! So it goes on your utility belt next to your cell phone, pager, Leatherman, etc.? A belt loop... that gets the imagination going even better than the massager, itself! Under what circumstances would you clip it to your belt...? Um, I've got to go think about this!

Charlie @ 05/29/2002 11:10 AM CST

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