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Hello and welcome to all the folks led here by Everlasting Blort, Jam Sandwhich, Life With Deb and all the various others who've linked to my Holy Shit page in the last couple days. Sister smiles upon you!

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hey, thanks for the link back.

luke @ 06/03/2002 11:31 AM CST

When I was a kid in parochial school, we used to say little short one-line prayers that the nuns called "ejaculations" - haha. For mother's day & father's day, we would make cards for our parents offering up 5 masses, 10 rosaries and 50 ejaculations. So enquiring minds want to know, is it possible for one to ejaculate oneself into heaven?

madamjujujive @ 06/03/2002 02:12 PM CST

It's worth a try!

amyc @ 06/03/2002 03:48 PM CST

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