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Upon our marriage a couple weeks ago, neither Jim nor I changed our names. But that didn't stop our devoted pals Phineas and Shylo from concocting an array of hybrid surnames (from Carlton and Allenspach) for us to choose from should we change our minds on this matter. At dinner the other night, after telling us their obvious choices (Carlspach and Allenston), they sprang upon us a combined last name of such glottal beauty and Teutonic splendor that we've decided to rethink this whole name-changing business. Henceforth, our new last name will be Ach, Carl! -- complete with emphatic punctuation.

Phineas and Shylo, we can never thank you enough!

Replies: 4 Confessions

so can Rob and I be Mr and Mrs Ach,Bark????

your sis in law @ 06/04/2002 04:36 AM CST


(Hey, are you back in Sydney?)

amyc @ 06/04/2002 06:05 AM CST

But you got me this Christ Invaders t-shirt. I'm happy to call it even, Ms. Ach, Carl!

Phineas @ 06/04/2002 12:39 PM CST

That's DR. Ach, Carl! to you, princess!

amyc @ 06/04/2002 12:41 PM CST

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