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After attending the fine public showing of Phineas' handiwork (ladies! chairs! viscera!), Mr. Jimmie and I dined on homemade goodies (hummus! samosas! brownies!) with some friendly folk at Chez Phineas. During the course of the evenings nonstop cultural references (precious roy! kicking! screaming!), Miss Weeza, Shylo and I began devising appalling recipes for a future cookbook of the damned. Untasty treats include Puttanesca Brown Betty (capers, olives, anchovies, apples, brown sugar) and Marzi-Piņata (an impenetrable shell of almond paste, filled with circus peanuts). Please give us your suggestions!

And now, a jangly pop song about food that will surely bring you everlasting happiness (for three minutes): Unrest's Six_Layer_Cake

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