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Attendees of Ohio State's commencement last weekend were told to give honorary degree recipient George W. Bush a "thunderous" ovation and uncritical acceptance or get arrested. There you go, fellow Americans -- if you silently turn your back on the "President," you could go to jail.

So if in fighting this so-called War on Terror we lose the right to free expression, the right to trial by jury, the right to due process, the right to associate with any person or organization (even those critical of the government), freedom of the press, the right to counsel, the right to privacy -- what's the point of being an American? That we can own guns and buy stuff?

(6/20/02 An update: According to Spinsanity, the first AP story about Bush's commencement address at Ohio State mistakenly said students had to provide a "thunderous" ovation for him. The ovation was requested for University president William Kirwan, not for Chimpy the Dumbass. The bit about threatening to arrest people who protested was true, however. There is still some debate about whether anyone was arrested.)

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We will still have our oil...can't you see? We must have our oil...

will @ 06/18/2002 07:46 AM CST

You'd better not heckle his dad, either.

jima @ 06/18/2002 08:00 AM CST

Dang. Are we still allowed to call Jenna a drunken mattress-back?

amyc @ 06/18/2002 08:18 AM CST

Not if you want to keep your subscription to Jane, you can't.

jima @ 06/18/2002 08:31 AM CST

I would like it to be known that I do not, in fact, have a subscription to Jane. You're lucky I don't sue.

amyc @ 06/20/2002 09:14 PM CST

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