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Let's not.

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so will "god bless america day" also include remebering the forgein victims of terrorists in Afgahnistan or Israel? Or people killed by *gasp* American terrorists? They did say (on the site):

"And don't forget the lives lost in fighting terrorism overseas. Or the thousands of families all these victims left behind.
On God Bless America Day we will remember all victims of terrorism."

ALL victims of terrorism, not just the ones that were killed on Nine-Eleven, right?

the other amy @ 06/22/2002 06:40 PM CST

No, no -- that would be "God Bless Everybody Day," and we wouldn't want that!

amyc @ 06/23/2002 05:55 PM CST

I want to vomit. If the REAL god really did bless "america" then I don't think we'd be in this particular mess of a shrub in the white house and active policies to kill or fund to kill people all over the world. Besides, america really means canada, mexico and argentinians. Do you think those idiot flag wavers really want all those foreigners blessed by their white patriarchal god?

Annie @ 06/24/2002 10:57 AM CST

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