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Variations on a meme.

Amy Hates

Amy hates to go out into the world "without her face on," but for her that could mean warts, a prosthetic hump, and a set of false teeth.
Amy hates her, and they are all miserable.
Amy hates to sit in a high chair.
Amy hates planes, just like BA Baracus on "The A Team," minus the mohawk and goldchains.
Amy hates the multiplication tables.
Amy hates me yet again.
Amy hates it when people say "Did you cut your hair?" so she usually answers by saying "No, it grew shorter."
Amy hates NSYNC because... They copy off of Backstreet Boys!
Amy hates it when you call her Becky.

Amy Loves

Amy loves the sun.
Amy loves the snow.
Amy loves to come forward and is a provider of quality crosses.
Amy loves to show off in public - it makes her so hot!
Amy loves to play the game "Guess which eye is fake"
Amy loves you
Amy loves the grumpy old imp.
Amy loves grocery stores.
Amy loves reading and hanging out with her gal pals on occasion.
Amy loves a game of ball, but she is calm and mannerly in the house.

Amy loves to receive email from her fans.

Replies: 6 Confessions

Matthew is--

an obscure figure in the history of evolutionary thought.

trying on a hat at the souvenir shop.

it From Heaven Or From Men(?)

a Replicant?

conveniently located in the Piedmont Triad region.

a star.

matthew @ 06/23/2002 01:29 PM CST

Yeah, well, Lioness is a teen lesbian site.

elavil @ 06/23/2002 03:35 PM CST

Also, you are in heat.

amyc @ 06/23/2002 04:19 PM CST

Amy is...

A proven producer of outstanding progeny, we are pleased to add Amy to our breeding program. We are confident that she will pass on her own excellent health, temperament and structure.

... somehow, I don't think Dubya wants you in his New World Order Breeding Program. There's a typo, here, somewhere...

Charlie @ 06/23/2002 09:20 PM CST

It's all so "Handmaid's Tale"!

amyc @ 06/24/2002 05:52 AM CST

Hey, that's a fun google game! I've got to go tell all my friends.

Charlie @ 06/24/2002 11:47 AM CST

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