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Finally! Some pictures from our wedding and reception!

I found some thumbnail-making software that I think camouflages my utter lack of design skills fairly well, and put up the best pictures from our little shindig. Of course, the husband scanned the pictures in and helped me out when I screwed things up or got so confused I wanted to cry, because he knows all about the computers. The design is still a little rough, but I think you'll agree that our radiant smiles and fashionable attire will distract you from the crappy style sheets.

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You guys are gorgeous!!!

The officiant is so glowing as you guys kiss, I can feel the love all the way over here. She makes me want to cry.

What a great ceremony. I love that everyone participated. You guys clearly thought a lot about what marriage is/means/should be.

Jessica @ 06/23/2002 10:22 PM CST

I love love love the one with you pushing Jim on the swing. So fun and so joyful. Wonderful stuff!
Now that we have upgraded our 'pooter (funny how 12 gigs can get eaten up so quickly!) we will burn you guys a CD of the shorts we took so you can have more pictures! yeah wedding stuff!

the other amy @ 06/24/2002 02:04 AM CST

beautiful pictures... i can sense the joy... that's what a wedding should be... i'm glad to see another happy wedding because so many are shrouded in so much ..umm, "ceremony", "dogma"? that the two people getting married don't have the time to realize that maybe they SHOULDN'T get married. (am i a jackass for saying that or just being honest? ok, just a jackass being honest.)

once again, a million best wishes and thanks for sharing your joy... i'm thrilled that you two found each other... being 1/2 of a happy coupling myself i know how rare and precious finding your soulmate is.

dave willard @ 06/24/2002 09:02 AM CST

Empty-handed no longer.

matthew @ 06/24/2002 07:58 PM CST

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