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I've been saving up, just for you:

Christian pickup lines. Actual sample: You put the "cute" back in "persecution."

Peanut Jesus in popsicle-stick manger. Crafts for Christians who eat a lot of popsicles.

And speaking of crafts, I know it's a little early for Halloween ideas, but this year why not have a Jesus O'Lantern? Don't let all the dang Satanists in your 'hood have all the good yard decorations! This one looks a little complicated, so you might want to spent the summer practicing on grapes, lighting them from the inside with captured fireflies.

And finally, have you ever fantasized about having sex with Clarence Thomas while he's dressed as a nun? Me neither, but this woman apparently has, and she spared us the agony of having to imagine it ourselves. Warning: May cause involuntary shuddering. But it's funny! Sorta.

Replies: 3 Confessions

About the first link: exactly how does the domain name "" relate to Christianity? I can't figure that out.

jima @ 06/25/2002 10:21 AM CST

Because only Jesus has a real mind? That's my guess.

amyc @ 06/25/2002 12:57 PM CST

hey, im the guy behind =)
so you're wondering about the name ""? actually theres no hidden meaning or anything, its simply a domain name thats 8 letters long, 2 four letter words, easy to spell and easy to remember (which is good for getting people to come back to a site). thats all.

- jeremiah

jeremiah @ 06/27/2002 10:09 AM CST

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