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Free banana to anyone who can spot the error in this sentence from George W. Bush:

"We need commonsense judges who understand that our rights were derived from God."

Replies: 4 Confessions

The error, of course, is that he was allowed to talk in the first place.

jima @ 06/27/2002 02:28 PM CST

I think the error goes back to the ballot boxes in Florida.

will @ 06/27/2002 03:08 PM CST

According to my daughter's sixth grade Social Studies exam 'one nation under god' would make us a theocracy, not a democracy.

Didn't Bush take his 6th grade social studies final?

michele @ 06/29/2002 07:38 AM CST

I think he paid somebody to take it for him. Or maybe he was getting a 'scope that day.

jima @ 06/30/2002 04:56 PM CST

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