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Busy weekend! Friday night Jim and I went up to Devon for Indian food with a college pal of mine whom I haven't seen in about 6 years. Her name is Nan and she just moved to town after several years in Iowa, so give her a friendly hello if you see her.

But of course, it's Pride Weekend in Chicago, which means only one thing: The annual Pre-Pride Parade Party (the P4) at Mouse's! It was year #11 for this legendary shindig, and all the cool people were there. While I spent the afternoon sweating and strolling at the Chicago Dyke March, the missus was homemaking cookies for the party.

The P4 in 1999 was the first time Jim met most of my friends (we'd started dating a couple weeks earlier). It was at that party that the nickname Mr. Jimmie was coined. And now that he's married, all the lady-lovin' ladies called him Mrs. Jimmie last night. It takes a special sort of man not to mind at all when a room full of lesbians calls you Mrs. and praises your stellar baking skills, while your wife shows her fancy new brassiere to any gal who asks (it's sort of a P4 tradition with me).

Let me tell you, folks -- I married the best guy ever.

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I think it shows remarkable generosity on your part to share his pizzle - ahm - pizzelles - with your pals, no matter what their sexual orientation.

elavil @ 06/30/2002 06:30 PM CST

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