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The decision by three female roommates earlier this month to solve their financial problems and raise the rent money by offering topless car washes was apparently more than the council members could endure.

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I think Senator Tankerbell is somehow involved in this. Is Limber-Legs working at the carwash, perchance?

jima @ 07/02/2002 03:47 PM CST

Yes, very typical knee-jerk reaction.

matthew @ 07/03/2002 07:03 AM CST

Ha! Knee-jerk! I get it.

Oh, Limber-leeeeeeeegs!

amyc @ 07/03/2002 08:25 AM CST

They're still at it.

jima @ 07/11/2002 10:57 AM CST

Dag! I wish I was "foaming with mirth and anger"!

amyc @ 07/11/2002 11:11 AM CST

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