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Heading off to Michigan-land this weekend to hang out with the Fam (and perhapsDavid). Jim, apparently the only person in America who has to work on Friday, will be home rubbing dog bellies and feeding angry cats. Stop by and see him, won't you? He's got those Mr. Show DVDs.

My goal for the weekend: to enjoy a long holiday weekend without actually having to participate in any flag-waving jingoistic meat-based pyrotechnic rituals. Enjoy your fireworks, earth-raping bastards! (Note: Heavy Metal Bulletin would be a great band name.)

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Mmmmmmm, flag-waving jingoistic meat-based pyrotechnic rituals... mmmmm! Where's Lil' Dale when you need her?

Charlie @ 07/03/2002 11:22 AM CST

Not even the only person in Chicago . . . . Peter has to work Thursday and Friday both. Even I plan to work Friday, although it's not like I have a timecard or anything.
So have a good time and all while the rest of us are making the world safe for corporate profiteering.

elavil @ 07/03/2002 05:15 PM CST

It was a pretty quick Friday. Got to work, sat on my duff for 4 hours, and then got dismissed by the boss. Nothing at all was happening! Which is a good thing, of course.

jima @ 07/08/2002 07:16 PM CST

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